May 23, 2008





May 23, 2008

From: Okafor Nwabueze

Fellow Trader,

For over 3 years I’ve been searching for a perfect system to make some real money on BetOnMarkets and today I got it. Found it completely on my own and feel great!
I am planning to share my 5-Minutes BetOnMarkets Winning System with a number of students who really need it.

 In the past I’ve been scammed numerous times myself when looking for a solution in a critical situation. I know how it feels. So I am going to sell my system to those few in need, for a very reasonable price.

 When the max number of copies (100)(55)(28) 8 is gone, no more will be sold and this website will be shut down, as I’m thinking of BOM 🙂

This is nothing illigal (not a flaw of some kind) and BOM can’t do anything about it. It’s a simple pure visual method for intraday bets with numerous opportunities every day – a unique online forex trading system for Betonmarkets.

This could cost a lot of money to BetOnMarkets!



 I will show you how to double your money every 3-5 days!

So if you’re interested you can order right now or email me at with any questions you might have.

You will truly enjoy this system.
I composed it into a pdf document with several full-screen snap shots, so it’ll be easy to grasp. The system comes with lifetime days email support.   

Follow the rules and you will see just how easy it is to win money this way, you’ll wish you had found out sooner!

Below is just Advantages of Using This System.

1. In 3-5 days, you can double your money!

2. You don’t need to sit behind your computer all day, all you need is 5minutes per trade.

3. It is so easy that anybody can trade fixed odd using my system, even a kid.

4. No broker, no pip, no candlestick, no hyip, no indicator, no cracking of brain.

5. Just click BUY THIS TRADE and you make money right away within 5minutes

6. You can start with $10 which can turn to a minimum of $1000 within 30 days.

7. No internet experience required!

8. No minimum cash out.


Q. Is everything I need to get started in the package? 

A. Everything you need and everything you need to know is there, all that is required is a account to place your bets with, which is fully explained in the book.


Q. So how does the 5-Minutes BetOnMarkets Winning System work? What do I have to do?

A. 5-Minutes BetOnMarkets Winning System, is a simple online forex trading system that uses 5 min. flash bets (on BetOnMarkets) and can be applied on all currency pairs. It cannot be used on indices and stocks; but for forex only! There are dozens of possible bets per day per currency pair.

Basically when a special even occures, you place an flash up or down bet for the next 5 min. That’s it.


Q. How much money do I need and how much profit will I get?

A. You can start with as little as you want. Betonmarkets has a minimum bet of $5 however. I suggest having a starting bank of $20-$40.

Every winning bet doubles your money, with a 98% winning rate you should be able to double your starting capital every 3-5 days when compounding. 

Q. How long does it take?

A. Selecting each bet will probably take no longer than 2 min. at first. After you have used it a few times you’ll be able to select them in about 15 seconds.


Q. How many opportunities does it produce each day?

A. These bets occur all the time at any given time of the day, so you can just set your target for the day and you’re done after couple minutes.

Q. Can the system be used for all markets?

A. No, Forex only.


Q. Can the system be used anywhere?

A. Yes, as long as you can open a BetOnMarkets account.



Any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask, I’m happy to offer any more assistance.


For questions and additional payment options (E-Gold, E-Bullion, Liberty Reserve) please email me at the adress above.

Here’s How To Order…

Yes! Okafor. I want to order your 5-Minutes BetOnMarkets Winning System with the simple step-by-step instructions you are using to double your money every 3-5 days.



Yes! I understand that I will receive your easy-to-follow instruction guide, showing me how to quickly and easily make money online (in pdf format).




Yes! I would like to receive free updates and lifetime unlimited email support, this way there is no way I can fail. 



Order By Paying

 Only N2,000


Into any branch of Oceanic Bank near you. Account Name: Okafor Nwabueze, Account Number: 2360001011177

After payment, scan your teller and e-mail it to Also, sms the teller no. to 07028371890 to notify us of your payment. Once we confirm that you have paid, you will receive the package via e-mail to your inbox. (I assure oou that this package wil transform your life financially with guarantee)

You must order by June 30th, 2008 as the price will then be risen to N3,500